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ASIDE from existing content, Discovery, Inc.’s new streaming service discovery+ will also have shows that are original and exclusive only to the platform, many of which are companion shows or expansions to existing franchises. Here’s a teaser of those shows available upon downloading the app.

90 Day Bares All: Hosted by Shaun Robinson, this companion series to 90 Day Fiance bares the lies, the secrets, and everything they couldn’t show on TV. The show puts cast members in the hot seat where they reveal pivotal new information and speak completely uncensored.
90 Day Diaries: Another companion series to 90 Day Fiance, the show gives an intimate look into the lives of 90 Day Fiance couples, told from their perspective. Without producers or crew, the cast members film themselves in their day-to-day lives, as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and all of the new challenges it brings to their relationships.
90 Day: The Single Life: Yet another companion series to 90 Day Fiance, the show follows six single cast members from previous seasons of 90 Day Fiance who are looking to find love again, while attempting to let go of baggage from their past.
Prisoner of Love: This series follows prison matchmaker Chelsea Holmes as she helps her clients find love with compatible inmates.
Say Yes to the Dress: In Sickness and In Health: During the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, brides have had their wedding dreams crushed, but Say Yes to the Dress star Randy Fenoli and designer Hayley Paige will stop at nothing to help these women have their special day.
My Feet Are Killing Me: Footnotes: The foot doctors of My Feet Are Killing Me present never-before-seen cases, as well as follow-ups with memorable patients.
Long Island Medium: In light of COVID-19 restrictions, medium Theresa Caputo delivers messages and readings without always leaving her home. This season features those who couldn’t say goodbye to loved ones, and celebrities receiving virtual readings.
Guy! Hawaiian Style: TV chef Guy Fieri takes his family on a 20-day adventure to Hawaii, exploring it by land, sea and air. In addition to deep-sea fishing and catching waves, they dive into some of Hawaii’s best eats.
Cocktails & Tall Tails with Ina Garten and Melissa McCarthy: Daytime Emmy Award-winning host Ina Garten and Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress, writer, and producer Melissa McCarthy have long been fans of one another from afar. Now the two get to meet — virtually that is — as they explore new cocktail concoctions.
Bobby and Giada in Italy: Longtime friends and celebrity chefs Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis take viewers on a culinary tour of Italy.
Duff’s Happy Fun Bake Time: Baker Duff Goldman, along with a cast of puppets from The Jim Henson Company, teaches the basics of cooking and how ingredients work together.
Amy Schumer Learns to Cook: Uncensored: An updated and uncensored look at the Emmy-nominated series featuring the comedian, Amy Schumer.
Luda Can’t Cook: Ludacris is both a legendary rapper and successful restaurateur, but his skills in the kitchen don’t match his talent in the studio — and this show proves it.
Mary McCartney Serves it Up: Mary McCartney (a photographer and a daughter of that Beatle) invites viewers into her London kitchen to serve up family favorites and vegetarian food her friends adore. In each episode, she’ll be joined by a famous friend, including Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie, Dave Grohl, Kate Hudson, Gayle King, Mark Ronson and Liv Tyler.
Cakealikes: A comedic cake off competition challenges experts to create life-size cakes that are the spitting image of famed celebrities. It is hosted by Tregaye Fraser and judged by hyper realistic cake artist Natalie Sideserf, with food commentator Kalen Allen, and a rotating guest judge.
Christina: Stronger by Design: Christina Anstead, star designer and home renovation expert, starts a fresh chapter in her life and reflects on what inspires her as she rethinks her own home’s design. She also shares her personal wellness journey, her routine for self-care and a few of her favorite go-to beauty regimens with her makeup artist and best friend Shannon.
Design Star: Next Gen: Eight designer/renovators are brought to the Design Hub, a custom village where they face a gauntlet of challenges. Celebrity guests join Allison Holker Boss and judges Jonathan Adler and Lauren Makk as designers compete for $50,000 and their own show.
One Week to Sell: Interior designer and home stager Taylor Spellman transforms unsold homes into hot properties. Aided by Kate Dickens, Spellman creates personalized design plans for lagging listings, making them market-ready with high-end style on a small budget.
Clipped: Hosted by actor Michael Urie, with judges Martha Stewart, lifestyle/landscape expert Chris Lambton, and landscape designer Fernando Wong, this is the first-ever competition series set in the world of topiary. Each week a topiarist is eliminated until one triumphs as “Clipped Champion” and wins $50,000.
Frozen in Time: Maureen McCormick and designer Dan Vickery overhaul homes that are stuck in a design time warp.
Home Town: Ben’s Workshop: Master woodworker Ben Napier will share his expertise in craftsmanship and carpentry with celebrity guests including astronaut Scott Kelly, tennis legend Martina Navratilova, comedian Loni Love, and country singer Chris Lane in this four-episode series.
Unseamly: The Investigation of Peter Nygard: Canadian King of Polyester Peter Nygard built an international fashion empire and led an extravagant lifestyle constantly surrounded by beautiful, young women. But hiding beneath the outlandish public persona, scores of women say, was a dangerous sexual predator. Their accusations led to an investigation by the FBI and Mr. Nygard’s December arrest in Canada for extradition to the United States. Now, Mr. Nygard and his alleged crimes are exposed in a documentary nearly two years in the making.
If I Can’t Have You: The Jodi Arias Story: One of the most heavily covered murder cases of all time, Jodi Arias was put on trial for the murder of Travis Alexander. This special grants viewers access to Arias’ personal diaries, unseen police interviews and exclusive testimony, and interviews with the defense, prosecution, and friends and family of those connected to the case.
Children of the Cult: It started as a Christian community in the 1960s, but the Children of God soon became a notorious cult, rife with corruption, trafficking, and abuse. Three British women born into the cult tell the story of how they escaped and helped bring it to justice.
JonBenet Ramsey: What Really Happened: This feature-length documentary exploring the JonBenet Ramsey case, one of America’s most notorious unsolved murder mysteries, showcases the exclusive and previously unheard audio diaries of detective Lou Smit, who worked on 200 murder cases and was brought out of retirement in Denver to work on this homicide.
Queen of Meth: Meth didn’t start at our border, it started with Lori Arnold, sister of star Tom Arnold, in a cabin in Iowa back in 1984. By 1986 she was at the center of the country’s meth boom – the Queen Pin of a multimillion-dollar enterprise, manufacturing and distributing the drug throughout the Midwest. Now, for the first time, she tells her whole story.
American Detective with Joe Kenda: Homicide detective Lt. Joe Kenda is back exclusively on discovery+ with an all-new series.
Onision: In Real Life: Greg Jackson, aka “Onision,” discovered YouTube when the platform was still new in the digital world. And as the power of YouTube grew, the character “Onision” grew with it, luring in viewers with his off-kilter, opinionated and dark humor. But while his channels were twisted, his real life might be more sinister. This investigative series explores the mystery, controversy and alleged criminality surrounding Greg Jackson.
Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue: Gold recovery expert Freddy Dodge helps struggling mine owners in this six-part series.
Beyond Borders: On Aug. 13, pilot Juan-Peter Schulze and travel vlogger Louis Cole set off to circumnavigate the world in a single-engine, 1974 Cessna T210L airplane. The duo had 81 days to complete the journey.
First To The Top Of The World: It starts out like a bad joke — an insurance salesman and a doctor walk into a bar — but this epic, true story ends with the most unlikely team of explorers re-writing the history books by becoming the first people to actually reach the North Pole.
Expedition Deep Ocean: Multibillionaire and adventurer Victor Vescuvo sets off to build and navigate a vessel that can safely take him to never explored ocean floors around the world.
Attack of the Murder Hornets: In this program, horror movie producer Michael Paul Stephenson crafts the definitive documentary, equal parts horror and camp, following the wacky and motley cast of characters at the Department of Agriculture whose urgent mission is to find, trap and destroy these giant hornets before the slaughter season begins.
Meet the Meerkats: This is the story of very special meerkat families. Rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, they’re being returned to their rightful home, the Kalahari.
Homemade Astronauts: Meet the leaders of a new movement — the DIY (do-it-yourself) space race.
Francesco: From Oscar-nominated director and producer, Evgeny Afineevksy, Francesco features unprecedented access to Pope Francis.
Valley of the Kings: The Lost Tomb: The Eastern Valley of Egypt’s The Valley of the Kings has more than 60 tombs but just over a ridge is the unexplored Western Valley. Archaeologists led by Zahi Hawass is going into the Western Valley of the Kings to hunt for evidence of a new tomb.
Lily Topples the World: This coming-of-age story of artistry, passion and unlikely triumph follows 20-year-old Lily Hevesh, the world’s greatest domino toppler and the only woman in her field.
Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel: The Ghost Adventures team investigates an LA hotel with a long history of unnatural deaths and dark forces.
Fright Club: A frighteningly friendly competition to freak each other out with the creepiest, craziest paranormal evidence ever caught on camera featuring Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers – Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey and Juwan Mass.
The Haunted Museum: The creepy collection of haunted artifacts housed inside Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum are getting the spotlight in this new horror anthology series produced in collaboration with filmmaker Eli Roth.
The Exorcism of Roland Doe: A secret diary reveals shocking new details of the real exorcism case that inspired the iconic horror film The Excorcist.
Sing Again: Former K-pop singers take to the stage for another chance to sing again in this new competition show.
It Takes A Village: Tasked with building an eco-friendly house from scratch, the Korean celebrity participants must also grow seasonal crops or find food in nature as they attempt to survive country life.

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