Prefab Garage Kits: 5 Questions Answered


There are many reasons to purchase a prefab garage kit for your home. Steel prefab garages are typically less expensive than most conventional materials, lightweight, hurricane-proof, fireproof, and even insulated!

There are many benefits that you may wonder how you ever lived without this garage solution before now.

If you’re interested in understanding more about prefab garage kits, here are five questions you get asked all the time.

What is a Prefab Garage Kit, and Why Would You Purchase One?

A prefab garage kit consists of pre-cut pieces overlapped and bolted together. They are available in different sizes (depending on how large or small you want them) and can be customized by adding windows, vents, insulation, and more.

Why Should You Purchase It Over the Other Options Available?

There are reasons why you would want to go with steel, including cost, weight, durability, and smaller environmental footprint. Steel prefabricated garages are typically 33 percent less expensive than most conventional materials used for garages, such as wood or block.

One of the best things about steel is that it’s lightweight and designed to withstand the elements. On average, steel garages are 33 percent lighter than materials, such as concrete or stone, making them easier to install and generally stronger in high wind regions. Prefab garages tend to be more resistant to fire than other materials and can even be insulated for added energy efficiency.

What are the Different Components Used to Make a Prefab Garage Kit?

According to reports, steel scrap consumption alone was approximately 491 million metric tons in 2019.

Typical prefabgaragekits come with pre-made panels, clips, fasteners, and bolts. Panels are typically made of ¼” or 3/8″ AR500 steel sheeting. Clips, fasteners, and bolts come in different sizes depending on the width and thickness of your panels.

The clips attach to the steel beams that are placed at predetermined intervals. Then you install your fasteners which is how you, in turn, attach your panels to form the structure.

What Choices are Available When It Comes to Purchasing It?

Prefab garage kits come in different colors, door options (double or single), window shapes, and sizes (square, triangle, arch). You can also choose to add insulation which is perfect for year-round living. The possibilities are simply endless when it comes to customization!

Who Needs Them and What are Its Benefits?

Who doesn’t need prefab garages? These garages are perfect for anyone who needs extra space to store their cars, RVs, boats, trucks, or other large items.

The benefit of these garages is that they can serve as an additional living space or guest quarters, depending on the size and customization you select.


Prefab steel kits are ideal for anyone looking for a cost-effective, durable, and lightweight garage solution. You have pre-made steel building kits available, perfect if you need storage but don’t have the time to build one yourself.

It is essential to buy from reputed prefab garage kit manufacturers. They will provide insurance and warranty with their products. In case of discrepancies, one can file complaints.

They will either send you replacement prefab garage kitsorrefund your money if required.

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