“Boost Your Portfolio with 6 Profitable US Biofuel Stocks for 2023!

by Safe Retirement Reports

The production of biofuels has become increasingly important to the United States economy due to its potential to offer sustainable replacement energy sources to replace traditional fossil fuels. With the rise in renewable energy production, the demand for biofuels has been on the rise in the US. The following list of six US biofuel stocks serve as potential investment opportunities for those looking to capitalize on the growth of this burgeoning industry.

Green Plains Inc. (GPL): Green Plains Inc. is a US-based agricultural provider that is making significant strides in the development and production of biofuels. Their biofuel production has been a key factor in their improved share performance, with their stock peaking in the fourth quarter of 2021. Investors with a long-term outlook should keep an eye on Green Plains Inc., as they are forecasted to experience prolonged success in the biofuel sector.

Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REGI): Renewable Energy Group, Inc, a market leader in the advanced biofuels industry, is aiming to lead the industry in the production of sustainable biofuels. REGI’s commitment to investing in renewable energy sources has allowed them to experience stock growth since their IPO in 2022. As a smart investment, investors can look to REGI as a secure source of risk-averting returns.

Green Energy Renewables (GERW): Originally an independent consultant to the biodiesel industry, Green Energy Renewables has cemented itself as a leader in the advanced biofuel market. GERW’s advancements in biofuel production have increased their shareholder value, with stocks reaching a six-month high in April of 2023. Investors may want to consider investing in GERW for long-term returns and away from risks posed by risky stocks.

LanzaTech, Inc (LNZT): Another leader in the production of clean energy biofuels, Lanzatech has grown to become one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. With a reputation for having reliable performance, LNZT’s stocks have seen a steady rise since their IPO in 2021. Although gains may be slower than some other stocks, LNZT’s consistent returns should have investors looking for low-risk investments to consider investing in Lanzatech.

Energy Fuels Inc. (UUUU): Energy Fuels Inc. is a natural resource company that focuses on the exploration and production of uranium and rare earth elements. However, the company’s roots in the advanced biofuels industry have allowed them to remain profitable while focusing on the production of clean energy. With their stocks at a 3 year high, Energy Fuels Inc. is proving to be an attractive investment option for those looking for gains in the renewable energy sector.

Valero Renewable Fuels (VLO): Valero Renewable Fuels, a subsidiary of Valero Energy Corporation, is a leading producer of biofuels in the US. With their stocks rising 14% in the last 12 months, VLO is a safe bet for those looking to diversify their portfolio or get involved with advanced biofuel production. Its stock prices are expected to continue rising in 2023, offering potential long-term returns for those willing to take the risk.

The six US biofuel stocks outlined above highlight how biofuel production has become a more viable energy source over the past few years. With significant investments in renewable sources of energy and the rise in the demand of biofuel, these stocks serve as potential investment opportunities for those looking to capitalize on the emerging industry. Although the future of the industry is still uncertain, investing in any of these stocks could prove to be profitable for the long-term investor.

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