“Biden Backers Launch Last-Minute New Hampshire Write-In Effort!

by Safe Retirement Reports

With the 2020 presidential race coming to an all-time high, Joe Biden supporters in New Hampshire have decided to launch a write-in campaign after President Donald Trump decided to forgo his ballot in the state. With most of the state’s residents remaining loyal to the GOP, the Biden campaign saw this as an opportunity to give a voice to their constituents who want to see a change in Washington.

The write-in campaign gained traction almost immediately as Biden supporters in New Hampshire recognized it as an opportunity to get their voices heard. Facing stiff competition from Trump and other Republican candidates, the Biden campaign was desperate to bring attention to the cause. The Biden supporters, however, also needed to get support from the local governments that control access to the polls and designated write-in campaigns.

The Biden campaign was able to rally together a small group of tackle this issue and quickly reached out to local leaders. After months of negotiations and meetings, they were finally able to get some of New Hampshire’s governmental entities to recognize their write-in campaign. This allowed them to get access to the polls, which is the first step in guaranteeing their votes.

Now, the Biden supporters are dedicated to spreading the word and promoting the message of change. With registration deadlines looming, they have turned to social media and have leveraged the power of grassroots organizing to help spread their message.

The Biden campaign is off to a great start in New Hampshire, and locals are hopeful that their efforts will result in a shift in the political landscape. Political pundits agree with this sentiment, giving the campaign an edge and recognizing that Biden supporters are willing to fight for a brighter, better future.

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