“Trump Testifies in Civil Trial – Clashes with Judge, Receives Reprimands

by Safe Retirement Reports

In what was a highly contentious court hearing on Wednesday, President Donald Trump and a federal judge had an explosive exchange. Testifying in a civil case in which Trump allegedly violated the Constitution by profiting from his businesses while in office, the President exhibited disdain and defiance towards the judge, who repeatedly reprimanded him for his rudeness.

The suit claims Trump improperly profited from his resorts, hotels, and other businesses while in office, citing that it boils down to violation of the Emoluments Clause, which prohibits the President from receiving gifts from foreign and domestic entities, as well as payments from government entities.

During the hearing, Trump repeatedly refused to answer questions posed by the judge, claiming it was an abuse of authority and that he had a right not to answer. The judge rejected this argument and attempted to press his questions further. When asked what his role at the Trump Organization was, Trump responded, “is that your question?” The judge replied, “yes that is the question.” Trump then followed up with, “I think I have the right to say no,” a statement which the judge saw as highly disrespectful.

The tension in the courtroom only further escalated when Trump asked the judge “Do you know who I am?” a query which the judge viewed as highly inappropriate and viewed it as an attempt to pressure him into dropping the case. The judge sternly responded that Trump’s status as President had nothing to do with the case.

The hearing quickly devolved into a heated exchange between the judge and the President, with the judge repeatedly reprimanding Trump for his disrespectful behaviour and insults. In the end, the judge ordered the President to respond to the questions posed. Trump has refused to do so, and the case has been continued.

The latest development in this case has caused much consternation among the legal community, and raises serious questions about the state of judicial systems in America. This is not the first time Trump has publicly clashed with a federal judge in a civil case, and it signals a larger issue of disrespect for the rule of law. It appears that Trump does not believe he should be accountable to the same standards of justice applied to everyone else, a mindset that could have damaging implications for the justice system.

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