“Unlock the Secrets: Discover the Top Ten Hidden Features of StockCharts – Features 1-5

by Safe Retirement Reports

When it comes to trading in stocks, every advantage is essential. Nowadays, trading in stocks is no longer as difficult as it once was. This is largely thanks to technology and the many useful tools available. These tools have made it much easier for traders to make profitable trades, while increasing their success rate dramatically. One of the tools that has been gaining a lot of attention lately is StockCharts. This financial charting platform offers users many advanced features, plus a wealth of data and analysis tools. Here are the top ten hidden features of StockCharts that can give traders the edge they need to maximize their profits.

1. Detailed Chart Analysis: One of the main advantages of StockCharts is the sheer amount of charting options available. Not only can users customize technical indicators to identify important trends and patterns, they can also display their analysis with a variety of tools. This includes annotations, trendlines, and even Fibonacci retracements.

2. Price Alerts: One of the challenges faced by many traders is staying up-to-date on price movements. StockCharts allows users to customize an alert based on a stock’s price, which will notify them via email or text message when the specified price rises above or falls below a certain level.

3. Image Export: After creating a detailed chart analysis, traders may want to save their data, or even use it for presentations or educational materials. StockCharts makes this easy with its image export feature, which allows users to export their charts in PNG, JPEG, and GIF formats.

4. Live Trades: StockCharts provides an excellent live trading platform, which enables traders to track their positions in real-time. They can access this data from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. The data includes trade history, positions, and charts, and can even be broken down by individual stock or market sector.

5. Custom Market Scans: Another great feature of StockCharts is its custom market scans, which allow traders to scan the markets for the best opportunities. They can select any combination of criteria to scan for, including technical indicators, candlestick patterns, volume, and even news.

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