“2024: Nonvoters Might be Pushing the Agenda Just as Much as Voters

by Safe Retirement Reports

Though the 2024 elections are still far away, the actions of the nonvoters may have an even greater impact on the results than the voters. The modern political landscape has drastically changed in recent years, with the advancement of technology, the ease of access to the digital world, and a lack of inertia stemming from a citizens’ mindset. This has catapulted groups, such as millennials and Generation Z youths, to become a large voting bloc. Unfortunately, this group is also the least likely to engage in political activities such as voting.

According to a survey conducted by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), nearly 25% of nonvoting citizens from the ages 18-24 share the same political interests as voters of their same age group. These political interests range from taxes, reform of government agencies, and foreign policy. Because of the representational importance of this group of young people in the American political landscape, the voice of nonvoters can and will have a significant effect on the 2024 elections regardless of whether they actively participate or not.

The same CIRCLE survey also found that more than half of nonvoters had a positive view of the current President, and 68% identify as Democrats. This means that the political landscape of 2024 could see a vast array of possible outcomes if the nonvoting population does not begin to engage politically. It is essential that nonvoters become more active within the next elections, because the lack of a unified message and voting bloc could be detrimental to the future of the United States.

Despite the fact that nonvoters will not actively take part in the 2024 elections, their voices will still shape and define the future of America. With such an important, pivotal, and large voting bloc, it is crucial that effective strategies are developed in order to engage nonvoters and bring their political perspectives to the table. It is up to elected officials, activists, and citizens in general to ensure that this happens. Otherwise, the future of America may be determined by those who do not even want to participate.

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