“Qatar Gives Hope for Peace: Israel-Hamas Truce & Hostage Release to Start Friday!

by Safe Retirement Reports

Qatar, the tiny Gulf state, has announced that a ceasefire between Isreal and Hamas in the long-running Israel-Palestinian conflict is set to be announced and begin Friday.

The announcement came in wake of the recent tensions that have risen between Israel and the Palestinians in the face of diplomatic talks with the United States.

Qatar has long been seen as a mediator in the region. Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani stated that a truce between Israel and Hamas is set to begin Friday 16 August.

Details of the Peace Agreement are yet to be released. Speculation is rife on what terms have been laid down and what will be the consequences of this gesture from the international community.

According to reports, this ceasefire also includes a release of prisoners held by both sides and some yearning of financial aid to Gaza, brokered by Qatar. US President Donald Trump has yet to comment on this Gaza truce and its repercussions.

The truce is sure to bring much needed respite to the troubled region which has seen a long-drawn conflict. From what we know, the truce is to be implemented following two consecutive days of a ceasefire called by the Speaker of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, and the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The agreement has been arrived at after a lengthy discussion in Doha between Qatari officials, US diplomats, and representatives of Hamas and other Palestinian factions.

It is expected that the truce will bring a sense of stability and peace in the region and further strain diplomatic ties between Israel and Palestine. This move will also promptly help in alleviating the humanitarian disaster in Gaza as well as humanitarian aid being provided by Qatar and other countries.

This truce, while being celebrated as a victory and a step towards bringing about a long-term peace across the region, is also being viewed with some caution by many. Speculation is high on what the future holds for Israel-Palestine relations in light of the truce.

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