“Spice Up Your Meals: Popeyes Permanently Adds Wings to the Menu!

by Safe Retirement Reports

Popeyes is well-known for its delicious fried chicken and biscuits. Now, the chain is taking it up a notch and adding wings to its menu on a more permanent basis. Wings are already available in some locations, but will soon be available in all Popeyes locations across the country.

Popeyes’ new wings, which will come in four varieties: original, honey BBQ, Louisiana Dragon, and Mardi Gras Buffalo, are said to be made with a blend of spices & herbs that make its signature fried chicken so popular. The wings will be served with either ranch or barbeque sauce and will have the same crispiness that Popeyes is known for.

The chain plans to add a new side dish to the new wing options, which will include Nashville Hot Fries as well as Cajun fries. Popeyes is hoping that these offerings will attract both existing customers and new customers alike.

Popeyes’ wings will also be available in various family-size packages that the company calls “WingFam.” This lets families share a meal that everyone can enjoy.

The new wings are seen as a great addition to the popular chain’s menu, as fried chicken alone may not be enough to satisfy everyone. With the addition of wings, Popeyes can offer a variety of options to keep customers coming back for more.

At the moment, there is no confirmation regarding when these wings will arrive at all Popeyes locations. But it looks like customers won’t have to wait long, as Popeyes is eager to get the new menu items in all its locations soon.

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