“Ad Wars: Take Aim at No Labels and Third Party Presidential Bids

by Safe Retirement Reports

There has always been the debate over how easily third-party candidates, or candidates running on other platforms, can gain traction in a two-party system. Recently, the debate has been escalating as opponents of No Labels and other third-party presidential bids have joined the discussion.

No Labels, a non-partisan group which endorses, promotes, and financially supports, moderates running for office, has been running a nationwide campaign to raise money and awareness for its efforts to get third-party candidates on the ballot in 2020. But the group has faced staunch opposition from some political groups who say that these third-party bids are wasting taxpayer money and resources when the focus should be on the two-party system that has been established for over two centuries.

To up the ante, several companies have launched ads targeting No Labels, included the anti-third-party organization One Vote Foundations. The ad, which claims that taxpayers money is being wasted on “third-party pipe dreams,” has received a lot of attention across the country.

While the opponents of No Labels and other third-party presidential bids have launched a strong campaign against the group, No Labels has not taken it lying down. The group stands firm in its mission to create a multi-party system in America and has been doing its best to spread the word of what it stands for in terms of fiscal responsibility and moderate politicians.

It remains to be seen how much impact the opponents of No Labels and other third-party bids will have on the future of American politics but, for now, both sides are determined to fight for their causes. The nation can continue to follow this debate to watch as it unfolds in the coming months.

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