“$0.6M Placement – Successfully Checked Off!

by Safe Retirement Reports

Godzilla Newz has reported that the Tokyo-based secure identity solutions provider, named MyNavi Corporation, has successfully completed a 0.6 million placement. This placement consisted of their shares being sold by their unitholders at a price of 1375 yen each, raising a total of 6 million yen.

The shares were placed to a handful of institutional investors. This stock placement was completed on October 8th and was directed by the Japanese company’s Tokyo Stock Exchange Parent Company, MyNavi Corporation. This stock raising awarded the company with funds to help further maximize the company’s valued growth.

As one of the leading secure identity solutions providers, MyNavi Corporation offers a number of services including mobile authentication, identity verification, and authentication solution that’s designed to fulfill the desired security requirements while keeping a higher focus on user experience.

MyNavi also seeks to promote global identity access management (IAM) solutions and to support businesses in Japan. Through the latest successful placement of 0.6 million yen, the company hopes to continue expanding its business and develop technology to ensure a secure identity experience for their customers.

With this hopeful investment and expansion, both MyNavi Corporation and its investment partners are positive that this placement will prove advantageous for the company going forward. From this change, MyNavi is planning to improve security to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the market.

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