“Get Alerts in Real Time: India’s AI Cameras Spot Tigers!

by Safe Retirement Reports

The Indian government is taking steps to ensure the safety of its endangered tigers by using artificial intelligence enabled cameras to detect their presence in real time. The camera system is being deployed in areas known to have tiger populations in order to quickly alert authorities that the animals are in the vicinity.

The AI-enabled cameras are a collaboration between the Indian government, local wildlife authorities, and software development firm HCL Technologies. The high-tech system is designed to detect tigers based on size, shape, and movements. Once a tiger is spotted, the cameras immediately alert the agencies, and they can then take the necessary action to protect the animal.

The camera system also includes a deep learning algorithm, which is helping the cameras accurately detect tiger presence over time. This type of algorithm allows the cameras to become increasingly more accurate in recognizing tigers and alerting agencies more rapidly. This system is also being used to protect other rare endangered animals, such as the Indian leopards and the Asiatic lions.

In addition to the AI-enabled cameras, the Indian government has also implemented other measures to protect its wildlife, such as establishing buffer zones around forests and using drones to monitor the movements of animals. The Indian government is also working with local communities and schools to help spread awareness about tigers and other wild animals.

The AI-enabled camera system is an important step towards protecting India’s wildlife. It’s technology that is making a real difference in the lives of endangered animals and helping local authorities take the necessary steps to ensure their safety.

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