Strike It Rich!: 600 Meters of High-Grade Mineralization Found at Mirage in Brunswick Exploration

by Safe Retirement Reports

Brunswick Exploration Ltd. (CSE: BRU) (“Brunswick” or the “Company”) announces that a new 600-meter strike length for its Mr. 4 high-grade mineralization, located within its Mirage project (the “Property”) in Quebec’s Abitibi region, has been identified.

The strike length is a steady increase from previous drill results, where Brunswick previously reported an impressive 423 meter continuous core intercept. The new strike length increase comes after Brunswick completed a recent underground drill program, and is a compelling sign of the potential of the deposit.

The executive team believes that this new geological information is reflective of Brunswick’s progress—the company has worked diligently over the past two years carefully analyzing the data. The process has paid off as their research and development has uncovered additional extents of mineralization beyond the surface targets in the area.

The high-grade Mr. 4 mineralization intercept has been a source of interest for the Brunswick team for some time, as it is contained within an east-west trending fault zone that exhibits quartz-tourmaline-pyrite-pyrrhotite-chalcopyrite plus sulphides. Tests of samples from this zone have displayed typical intersections on gold and visible gold.

These impressive results have been a cause for great optimism within the Brunswick team, as they now believe that they are on the brink of developing a new high-grade gold discovery on the Property. This optimism is the result of the new strike length being virtually untested underground in the current mining scenario.

The results of this new 600-meter strike length have demonstrated the potential of the deposit, and the company is just now beginning to scratch the surface of the exploration potential of the project. With grade and continuity increasing with depth, Brunswick believes that the potential of the project remains largely untapped.

With this new information, Brunswick is more confident than ever that the Mirage project has the potential to be a major contributor to the gold production picture in the Abitibi region. As such, the company will continue to focus exploration efforts in this area in the coming months.

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