“Wisconsin Court Puts a Stop to GOP’s dastardly Plans!

by Safe Retirement Reports

On Monday, May 24, 2021, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court overturned legislative maps that had favored the Republican Party during a special session. By a 4-3 vote, the court ruled that the maps had violated the state’s constitutional requirements.

The court made this decision because the 2011 maps that were in use at the time of this ruling were highly partisan gerrymanders. This means that they were designed in a way that gave more representation to one party than to the other.

In its decision, the court also stated that the maps violated the state’s requirement of allowing fair representation of both parties in the legislature. The court noted the stark difference in the representation of each party given the existing maps, which resulted in an imbalance that was clearly favorable to the Republican Party.

This decision is significant, as it means that the maps drawn up in 2011 will be redrawn by an impartial commission. This means that the Republican Party will no longer be able to have an advantage in representation, and that the maps will have to be strictly based on impartial criteria.

The effect of this decision is that fair representation will be restored to the Wisconsin Legislature. The new maps will make it possible for people from both major parties to have a chance of being elected, regardless of how competitive a district may be.

This is an important step for democracy in Wisconsin, as it will ensure that all voices are heard and that all political views have a chance. The ruling also sets an important precedent for other states who are currently debating the issue of gerrymandering.

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