“End of the Line for XL Bully Dog Breed: Ban to Go Into Force This Sunday in England and Wales

by Safe Retirement Reports

The United Kingdom’s controversial ban on certain breeds of dogs known as ‘XL bully breeds’ is set to take effect this coming Sunday. The long awaited move is one of the first in the UK to attempt to tackle the rising problem of dangerous dogs in society, in a move that could have a widespread impact across England and Wales.

It is estimated that approximately 4,000 of the XL bully breeds exist across England and Wales and they have been identified as a particular problem due to their aggressive nature and tendency to attack. The current ban comes in response to recent media coverage which has highlighted the negative behaviors of these breeds. The decision comes following public feedback and consultation between the government and animal welfare groups.

The ban prohibits the ownership, breeding, and sale of four breeds of ‘XL bully breeds’ across England and Wales: the Bull Mastiff, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, and the Tosa. These breeds are among the most dangerous in the canine world and have been responsible for a large number of serious attacks across the country.

In addition to the XL bully breed ban, the government has also announced plans to introduce a series of tougher regulations designed to regulate the breeding and sale of animals in general. This could include laws on registration, as well as the enforcement of minimum standards for care and housing.

This new legislation is seen by many as a significant step in the right direction and a sign that the UK is taking animal welfare seriously. It is hoped that this will lead to a decrease in serious attacks and fatalities caused by these breeds and ensure owners are able to properly care for their pets. However, some animal welfare groups have expressed concerns over the way in which the ban is being implemented, claiming that it is too little too late.

The new law will take effect this Sunday and violations could result in a fine and/or prosecution. Only time will tell what the true impact of this ban will be.

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