“Say Goodbye to Ads on Amazon Prime Video–For Just $2.99 Per Month!

by Safe Retirement Reports

It’s official: starting in January 2021, viewers of Amazon Prime Video will need to pay an extra $2.99 per month in order to avoid seeing any advertising. This decision by Amazon follows the introduction of their Amazon Prime Video advertising program, which began during the back half of 2020. This service was met with a lukewarm response, and Amazon is hoping that charging a nominal fee will induce more viewers to give it a try.

The extra $2.99 charge will allow viewers to access a larger catalog of content for free, while not having to view any ads. This fee won’t be the only way to avoid seeing ads, as Amazon will continue to offer a “Browse without Ads” option and will allow payment for early access to newly released titles. It’s unclear how much ad-free content viewers will be able to access for the $2.99 fee, but it’s likely that a significant portion of the library will remain out of bounds.

For viewers who prefer to keep their streaming experience as ad-free as possible, this new fee won’t be a desirable development. It could also be argued that Amazon is attempting to nickel-and-dime its customers by charging a nominal fee for something that used to be free. However, Amazon insists that the additional charge will provide additional value to viewers who prefer to opt-out of ads and that it won’t negatively affect their viewing experience.

Whether viewers choose to pay up or take their chances with the ads, it’s clear that Amazon Prime Video viewers will have to make a choice come January 2021.

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