Deadly Double Explosions Strike Near Slain Iran Commander’s Grave

by Safe Retirement Reports

Today, Twin Blasts rocked the Iranian city of Ahvaz and with it shocked the world. The explosions, from as yet unknown sources, took place just one day after a major military parade was held in the city honoring the anniversary of the death of Revolutionary Guard General Qassem Soleimani.

At least thirty people are now reported dead and upwards of ninety injured. Many of the casualties are said to have been civilians visiting the grave of General Soleimani.

The Iranian government is now searching for the perpetrators of the attack which considered an act of terror. The government has also pointed out the attackers have likely have ties to “foreign agents or domestic opponents of the country.”

Though it is unclear who acted against the city and its people, the ramifications of this deadly attack can be felt throughout Iran and the surrounding countries in the Middle East. The innocent victims of the violence have not only lost their lives, but their loss stands in stark representation of the ever present political unrest in the area.

For many, the twin blasts have both a personal and a symbolic impact. Those who lost people they love in the attack must find a way to live with the loss. Meanwhile, the international community must find a way to move forward together and attempt to create lasting peace and understanding between all nations and peoples.

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