Biden Versus Trump: A Tale of Two Riveting Campaign Styles in Michigan

by Safe Retirement Reports


At the heart of the 2020 election campaign were political powerhouses President Donald Trump and then-presidential candidate Joe Biden, who offered Michigan’s voters distinct tones in their approaches. As the two vied for the state’s 16 electoral votes, their campaigns were as sharply contrasting as their personalities.

Trump’s campaign adopted a vigor-driven tone that built on the momentum of his 2016 victory in Michigan. The then-President sought to rally his base by championing the American dream narrative, combined with overt patriotism and a generous helping of bellicosity to paint an image of an unwavering leader. This was reflected in frequent in-person rallies teeming with supporters, often flouting social distancing guidelines and mask mandates. Trump’s messaging carried a strong focus on the economy, jobs, particularly in the manufacturing sector, immigration and law order.

Trump’s rallies were a spectacle to behold, characterized by the powerful sea of red hats, the high-energy crowds and his impassioned speeches, filled with his signature brand of off-the-cuff remarks, ribald jokes and incisive jabs at Democratic rivals. His campaign ads were equally as robust, channeling the assertiveness and bullish demeanor that his followers had come to not just expect, but rally behind.

In sharp contrast, Biden’s campaign projected an aura of calmness, inclusivity, and measured leadership. He embodied a strategic approach of listening to science and leading with empathy and compassion. Biden, favoring a more traditional and grounded campaign, opted for smaller, socially-distanced gatherings and virtual town halls, shielded by the severity of the pandemic.

In his bid to the voters of Michigan, Biden sought to project reassurance and stability in a time of tumult. Biden’s campaign played heavily upon themes of unity, equity, and the restoration of the ‘soul of America’. He offered himself as a seasoned and reliable leader, fostering trust and incorporating empathy in his campaign messaging. This approach was embodied in his decision to respect health guidelines for campaign events, a stark contrast to Trump’s large-scale rallies.

Biden’s campaign ads also reflected this contrast, teeming with imagery of familial connections, hard work, and commitment to a common cause. His calm demeanor and the promise of a collective effort to address matters such as healthcare, climate change, and wealth inequality came across as a refreshing change to many.

While Trump continued to focus on mobilizing his die-hard fanbase, often via vehement us-versus-them rhetoric, Biden’s campaigning strategy hinged on bringing together disparate factions and healing partisan divisions within the country.

Overall, the sharp contrast in tone, style, and messages of the Trump and Biden campaigns were a true reflection of their leadership styles and political agendas. Their differing approaches provided Michigan voters with a stark choice between two diametrically opposed visions for America. The dichotomy between Trump’s high-octane, combative style and Biden’s measured, unifying approach encapsulated the rollercoaster political landscape of 2020, distilling into choices affecting Michigan and the nation at large.

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