Operator XR – Sales Update June 24

by Safe Retirement Reports

xReality Group Limited (“XRG” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide the following sales update for Operator XR, a wholly owned subsidiary of xReality Group Ltd. Operator XR provides Military and Law Enforcement agencies around the world with a unique, integrated Mission Planning & Rehearsal System, which is portable, secure, and highly immersive.
Operator XR has continued the momentum throughout the final month of the financial year adding a further $1.43m in sales and increasing its ARR by 75% to $2.21m.

Sales of $1.43m (TCV) in the month of June
6 new customers won during the month and 1 renewal.
Material Sale to a State Government Customer
Australian Defence Force renew licence for trial extension.
YTD Contract Value increase of 54% this month to $4.10m
Annual Recurring Revenue Increased by 75% this month to $2.21m

Operator XR Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

Total ARR = $2,210,042
ARR increase last 30 days = $946,892 (75%)

Operator XR Total Contract Value (TCV)

Total TCV YTD = $4,096,213
Total TCV last 30 days = $1,432,738 (+54%)

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