Discover the Super-Charged Secret of Nevada’s Gem: The Gemini Lithium Project and Its Lithium-Mineralized Clays for CO2 Extraction Testing

by Safe Retirement Reports

The Nevada Sunrise Gold Corporation recently announced that they have successfully provided Lithium-Mineralized Clays from the Gemini Lithium Project in Nevada for supercritical carbon dioxide extraction testing. This marks a positive step forward in the development of the project’s resources as a viable source of higher grade lithium products. The success of this testing also indicates that the Gemini Lithium Project is one of the few for which supercritical extraction testing is feasible.

The supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process is necessary to process the clays at the Gemini Project and should result in a higher grade lithium product when compared to conventional salt-saturated brine methods. Supercritical extraction is a form of solvent extraction that works by using a combination of pressure and temperature to extract lipids from the feed material. This process is more selective when compared to conventional methods, and reduces the necessary processing time. Additionally, the process has low environmental impact and typically produces a product which is of much higher quality than the original.

The lithium-mineralized clays from the Gemini Project used in this testing were provided by Nevada Sunrise Gold Corporation. The company was able to collect the samples in a timely and efficient manner which allowed for supercritical testing. The results of this testing looks promising for the Gemini Project, especially with the potential for the supercritical extraction process to produce higher grade lithium products.

Overall, the Nevada Sunrise Gold Corporation has made great strides in their determination to develop the Gemini Lithium Project as a leading lithium resource. The success of this supercritical extraction testing will help to advance the project as an efficient and cost-effective source of lithium products, and should be a great benefit to the company in the long-term.

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