“Earth’s Doom Foretold By Shock New Discovery: Wipe Out Humanity To Make Our Home Uninhabitable?

by Safe Retirement Reports

The earth as we know it could be drastically different in the future, according to a new study by researchers from two universities in the UK. The study, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, suggests that a new supercontinent could be formed in the future, which could potentially be so large it would effectively wipe out humans and make the earth uninhabitable.

The authors of the study propose that the formation of a new supercontinent could occur when two of the world’s existing continents, Africa and the Americas, collide and merge together. This would cause a massive upheaval, both geological and climatic, potentially making the planet completely inhospitable to humans and any other life forms.

The researchers behind the study acknowledge that this is still a long way off; it would likely take several hundred million years for the two continents to come together and form a single supercontinent. However, the authors believe that this scenario is still possible and it’s worth exploring the potential implications of such a massive global disruption.

The fact that such a thing could even be possible is an indication of just how volatile the Earth’s geology and climate can be. It’s a good reminder for us to take action before it’s too late and ensure that the planet and its inhabitants can continue to thrive despite whatever changes may come in the future.

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