Sneaking Through the Grass: Avoiding Migration Checkpoints as a Family

by Safe Retirement Reports

Families in Mexico have found themselves having to dodge the risk of detention by Border Patrol agents by weaving their way through tall grass and rugged terrain to sneak past immigration checkpoints. This desperate measure has been taking place over the last several years, as tougher immigration policies have been implemented in the region.

The families come from a variety of backgrounds and are fleeing oppressive regimes in their home countries. The uncertainty of crossing a militarized border leads them to take shortcuts to avoid Government officials and checkpoints, even if those routes bring greater risks.

Many times, mothers and their children find themselves facing dangerous terrain navigated by only compasses and a distant hope for a better life. Reeds and tall grass are the only tools available to shield themselves from the gaze of those who seek to stop them. Despite the danger of the land, the threat of detainment has pushed many families to brave grassy swamps, dangerous hills, and even rooftops of city buildings to evade immigration enforcement.

While journeying through this treacherous landscape, the families rely mostly on the support of each other and the compassion of strangers. Local communities have taken it upon themselves to ensure displaced families stay fed and safe as they make their way through. Charitable people have offered water, food, and a place to stay as families wait to reach their destinations.

Whether they are willing or not, these families are forced to endure seemingly impossible journeys due to the rising intimidation of immigration policies. But while they are trespassing the legal boundaries set in place wish them harm, the families continue forward with persistence and hope. Despite the challenges many face on a daily basis, these families have proven that nothing can stop their determination to eventually reach freedom.

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