“Ukraine: Zelensky Looks West for Support Amid Middle East Turmoil

by Safe Retirement Reports

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has been on a mission these past couple of months. He is attempting to rally Western support for his country as geopolitical tensions mount in the Middle East. Romania recently hosted a regional security summit, during which Zelensky sought to demonstrate his nation’s commitment to protect democracy and the rule of law. He also reiterated his desire for Ukraine to build strong relationships with the European Union and other Western countries.

Zelensky hopes, by doing this, he can resolve Ukraine’s longstanding territorial dispute with Russia, which continues to threaten much of Eastern Europe. Through his efforts, Zelensky aims to secure diplomatic recognition from the EU as well as assistance from its member states in brief of restoring peace and stability to the region.

The Ukrainian leader has made it clear that his top priority is to ensure the safety of his people from outside interference. To this effect, he has actively sought out the support of the United States and other Western powers. Last month, when US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, visited Kiev, Zelensky made it clear he wanted Ukraine to be a part of the Western security alliances. Such a move, according to the Ukrainian President, would guarantee the nation’s safety and security.

Unfortunately, despite Zelensky’s best efforts and vocal support from the international community, Western assistance for Ukraine has fallen short of expectations. Most of the attention of the international community has been diverted towards the Middle East; particularly the escalating tensions between the United States and Iran. Thus, it appears as if the Ukrainian President might be stuck with little to no progress in his attempts to gain Western support.

With the situation escalating in the Middle East and no clear sign of a resolution, the challenge facing Zelensky in receiving international attention and support for Ukraine has grown even more difficult. Nonetheless, the Ukrainian President remains determined to keep striving for favorable results. Only time will tell if he will be successful in his efforts.

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