“Witness the Amazing Price-Change Transformations of Popular Groceries!

by Safe Retirement Reports

As grocery prices continue to climb across the globe, it’s useful to take a step back and look at prices for popular grocery items. A few years ago, individual apples might cost fifty cents, but now those same apples are going for close to a dollar. According to Godzillanewz, some of the most commonly purchased grocery items have seen dramatic increases in price.

For example, a pound of ground beef now costs nearly $4.50 on average, a 45 percent increase since 2015. Eggs have also seen a significant rise, from an average of just under a dollar to almost two dollars. Milk prices have climbed as well, from roughly $2.75 three years ago to over $3 today. Of course, seafood prices have also increased,with Alaskan salmon going from $10 per pound to $13 per pound.

The dramatic price hikes come with some costs: an increase in food insecurity for the world’s most vulnerable populations, a possible decrease in overall food consumption and a greater demand for organic and local produce.Luckily, there are still some areas where prices have remained relatively the same. Rice, for instance, is still just a dollar a pound, and apples remain around a dollar a piece. But for the most part, grocery prices are continuing to creep up, and this trend is expected to persist into 2020.

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