“Jim Jordan- No Legislative Legacy Here!

by Safe Retirement Reports

Jim Jordan is a Republican Congressman serving Ohio’s 4th District since 2007, and his time in office has been marked by remarkable legislative consistency. Throughout his entire tenure in the House of Representatives, Jordan has been a proponent of adherence to the principles of small government and less regulation. However, his legislative track record while in office is remarkably thin, with few significant bills Jordan has sponsored or passed.

Jordan’s scant legislative history is not for lack of good intentions. For the majority of his time in office, he has steadily and strongly put forth his principles in an effort to shrink government and preserve American freedoms. He has publicly and vigorously championed issues such as Healthcare and Tax Reform, Second Amendment Rights, and Budget Reform.

In spite of his dedication to these issues, Jordan’s legislative success has been marginal and fleeting. The main reasons for this appears to be his unwillingness to work within the system to achieve his goals and his commitment to remain staunchly conservative. Jordan is highly unlikely to find common ground with the majority of the House of Representatives, therefore, eliminating the possibility of collaboration on the issues he holds dear.

Jordan’s low legislative success is, unfortunately, a reflection of his limited contributions to the House of Representatives in the last decade. However, this does not change the fact that he has been a tireless dedicated advocate of the issues he threw his support behind. For that, he will always have the admiration and respect of his constituents.

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