Jordan Stands Taller for Speakership After Weekend Push!

by Safe Retirement Reports

Over the weekend, Democratic Rep. Jordan Inches put added pressure on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, inching closer to gaining the coveted spot at the head of Congress.

Throughout the weekend, Inches was vocal on social media and spoke out during his campaign visit around his home district in Southern New York to rally to his cause. He managed to grab the attention of several key players in politics due to his strong presence, including Vice President Kamala Harris and even Pelosi herself.

Inches is a fierce advocate for criminal justice reform, an issue that has gained momentum in Congress particularly over the past year. His effervescence and energy at the marathons of meetings and rallies makes him an ideal candidate to take on the position with enthusiasm and purpose.

He is the latest candidate to have his name thrown in the hat in recent months. After the resignation of House Speaker Paul Ryan, the role of his successor has been heavily sought after by many differing players.

It’s still a competitive field with many candidates vying for the job, but sources suggest Inches might just be the right person to unify both sides of the aisle. His vocal stance on the issue of criminal justice reform and his emphasis on expressiveness and open dialog could fit in well with how things have been progressing in the House in recent months.

We’ll have to wait and see if the weekend’s pressure campaign has pushed Inches any closer to the much sought after position of House Speaker.

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