“Auto Workers Sign Historic Agreement with Stellantis: Strike Over!

by Safe Retirement Reports

The Auto Workers Union (AWU) has announced a tentative agreement with automaker Stellantis that could end the highly anticipated strike by auto workers. After months of negotiations, the AWU and Stellantis have finally reached an agreement that both parties can agree to.

The agreement is set to provide workers with an improved wage and benefits package, with wages increasing from the current $15.50 an hour to $17.00 and full access to the company-provided health benefits from day one. The new agreement also includes profit sharing and vacation time improvements, further illustrating Stellantis’ commitment to its workers.

In order to pass the agreement, the AWU is seeking signatures from its members, the majority of which must be obtained before the agreement can be finalized. If the agreement is accepted, the strike is expected to be called off, with Stellantis paying back wages to all its employees since the start of the strike.

Despite ongoing negotiations between the AWU and Stellantis, the strike had continued to drag on for a full month at the time of the announcement. This caused unacceptable delays in the automotive supply chain, something that the new agreement seeks to rectify.

The AWU and Stellantis now stand on the brink of ending the strike, with the union expecting the agreement to be finalized by the end of the week. If it does, the signing of the agreement could serve as a much needed reminder of how powerful labor unions remain in the American workforce.

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