Residents’ Health at Risk: Florida’s Booming, Burning Trash Problem

by Safe Retirement Reports

Residents in Florida are burning more trash than ever before and many believe it is making them sick. The state is quickly becoming an area of rapid growth and development, leading to an increase in the need for waste disposal services. Trash is being burned at greater levels, creating what are known as “open burning” sites and releasing toxins into the atmosphere.

It is becoming a growing problem for local residents as these pollutants are entering their air spaces. Numerous studies point to the fact that burning large amounts of trash can lead to dangerous health issues such as respiratory problems and eye irritation. Air quality measurements taken near open burning sites have always been a major concern for residents.

The health problems being brought on by trash burning are just one issue for these residents. Another looming problem is the concern that burning garbage can create a public safety hazard. Numerous instances of large binders and plastic sheets bursting into flames have been observed as high temperatures and high winds cause a severe risk for wildfires.

Local fire crews are increasingly having to respond to calls that are either directly related to burning trash or fires that started nearby it. Residents are beginning to ask for large scale reform of the current waste management system or at least for some local laws or regulations to be implemented that will help limit the amount of damage caused by these burning sites.

In the meantime, local residents are attempting to protect their health and safety by limiting their exposure to open burning sites as much as possible. Despite the lack of action by local officials, people across Florida continue to fight to protect their homes and health.

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