“Start Your Engines! Honda Recalls 2.5 Million Cars!

by Safe Retirement Reports

Honda Motor Co has issued a recall of 2.5 million vehicles due to a potential fuel pump issue. The recall affects various Honda and Acura models produced between 2018 and 2020.

The recall has been issued due to a possible issue with a fuel pump’s internal pressure control valve. If there is any issue with the valve, the fuel pump could fail to supply enough fuel to the engine, which could cause stalling and potentially create an increased risk of a crash.

Honda has stated that affected owners should not drive their vehicles until the fuel pump has been inspected and any necessary repairs made. The company has also indicated that the fuel pump issue has not yet resulted in any injury or death.

Honda is encouraging owners to take their vehicles to a certified dealer for the inspection and any necessary repairs. In the meantime, owners of the affected vehicles should be aware of any possible signs of a fuel pump issue, such as engine stalling or hesitation.

Honda is one of the most recognized car brands across the globe, but they continue to put safety as a priority. The company is taking the necessary steps to ensure that all Honda and Acura drivers are safe while traveling on the roads.

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