“Tesla Recalls 120,000 Cars: Potential Doors Opening in a Crash!

by Safe Retirement Reports

Tesla Inc., a major electric vehicle manufacturer, recently unveiled a massive recall for over 120,000 vehicles due to a serious safety issue—potentially faulty doors that could open in a crash.

According to the recall announcement, the defect affects all Model S and Model X vehicles manufactured and delivered prior to April 2016, totaling 124,763 cars. It appears that the issue with the doors is linked to weak latch cable connections, which could cause them to unexpectedly swing open during an accident.

In its statement, Tesla explains that it has received reports of the faulty doors, and that it has determined a risk associated with driving the affected vehicles. As a solution, Tesla is ordering a unique hardware upgrade that target the latch cable attachment points, with the company providing free parts and labor to customers.

Though the risk associated with the defect isn’t substantial, the total amount of cars affected by the recall is rather substantial. It’s yet another in a long line of unusual issues with Tesla vehicles, further undermining consumer trust in the company’s safety and reliability.

Tesla has already started to contact the affected customers by mail and email, and is asking them to arrange a service appointment with a Tesla service center to receive the free hardware upgrade. In the end, this recall could provide a modest financial hit to the company, but more importantly, it will help ensure driving safety and instill customer confidence.

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